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Hello-My name is Philip and I like Sports.

And I really don’t care who knows it

Notre Dame v USC
How I imagine commenters
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

So, here we go.

Long story short I have been a big Notre Dame Fighting Irish football fan growing as an Irish Catholic in Chicago (super original). I played football for 4 years at College of the Holy Cross (not Rudy) and was primarily a special teams player. My goal is to toss out some lukewarm to scalding hot takes/analysis and add in bits of humor as well.

A fun story regarding ND football was my experience at the 2005 Bush Push game. My best friend showed up at my door at 8 in the morning and surprised me with tickets. For all of about 12 hours, this was the best day in my life......Then......a piece of my soul was truly shook and a part of it a la Horcrux (big Harry Potter guy) was left on the field that day.

Despite that missing chunk, I am thrilled with the opportunity to be here and look forward to getting the ball rolling!