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NFL Draft: Did DeShone Kizer Deserve All That Hate?

Did DeShone beat someone up, get pulled over for a DUI, and have a loaded AK-47 in the trunk, while high on crack... AND SOMEONE FORGOT TO TELL ME ABOUT IT?

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

DeShone Kizer just got screwed with his pants on- and there is nothing he can say or do about it without condemning himself. He just spent three months having every asshole with access to a camera and/or internet access tear him apart- and for what?

Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer has all the tools to succeed in Cl...

DeShone Kizer is ready to make NFL teams pay for passing on him in the draft.

Posted by One Foot Down - For Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans on Friday, April 28, 2017

There were all of these “off the field” questions, and yet during his time as a starting quarterback at Notre Dame (a position and a place where one resides underneath the national microscope) none of that crap was even whispered.

I suppose I tuned most of it out over these past few months. I placed most of it in the category of “haters going to hate.” It was a gigantic pile on, and it was exacerbated by comments from Brian Kelly.

Kelly was fairly balanced in his assessment of Kizer, and although he praised him as the best quarterback in the NFL Draft, most of the media (and fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish hell bent on getting rid of Kelly) only heard Kelly’s comments about Kizer needing another year.

I almost made it. I almost was able to shrug all of this off- until the Cleveland Browns finally drafted Kizer in the second round. Immediately, the talking heads worked themselves up into a frenzy about all of the negatives that come along with Kizer.

This, in a draft with guys like Joe Mixon and a dude that was kicked out of FIVE schools (but it’s okay because he brought a baby on stage).

He was criticized for his lack of wins as a starter- yet Pat Mahomes was picked before him. They LOVED his “gunslinger” mentality (which always works in the NFL when your someone not named Brett Favre).

He was criticized for needing more time as a college player- yet Mitch Trubisky was the first quarterback took, despite only starting for one year. So basically, if Kizer could have entered the draft after the 2015 season, he would have been the #1 overall pick in the draft instead of the SUPER AWESOME JARED GOFF.

Look, I have no idea if DeShone Kizer is going to be a good NFL quarterback or not- and neither does anyone else. What I do know, is that he was targeted by the media as some type of horrible person and half-assed player. No one really knows where these “reports” came from, but I suspect Russian hackers at the request of Browns management.

In the end, you really have to ask... did Kizer deserve all of this? The answer, of course, is “no” but the business of piling on Notre Dame players is still very lucrative and popular.

We can only hope that Kizer proves them all wrong with the Browns. (Oh dear god it’s the Cleveland Browns).