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Believing Too Much in the Hype of the Blue-Gold Game

We’ve all probably been guilty of it.

Notre Dame v Air Force
The 2007 MVP of the Blue-Gold Game: Junior Jabbie
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Flashback Friday at its finest.

The annual Blue-Gold Game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is tomorrow afternoon, and I always find myself excited for it. It’s finally some football! It’s pretty stress-free because the Irish can’t lose. The Blue-Gold Game becomes the fix we seem to need that will carry us through the spring and summer.

This year, the Blue-Gold Game got me to thinking about games past and discussing them. Within the past couple days, I was talking with a fellow fan, and we began to talk about the fun and interesting times that the Blue-Gold Game provides. We got onto the topic of Junior Jabbie, who became the MVP of the 2007 Blue-Gold Game.

Some of you are probably saying, “Who?!” or “Oh yeah, I remember him!” I had the second reaction, but Junior Jabbie is for sure a throwback name and one that is seemingly out of left field. He basically fell off the face of the earth.

However, more people remember him for his falling out as well. Amazingly not connected to the conversation I had was a tweet and corresponding article that I saw today:

It was indeed a weird coincidence, but maybe it’s not so weird. Mike Vorel also provides other instances of hyperbole and the changing opinions that surround the Blue-Gold Game. This seems to be a theme every year that we can’t avoid.

So, I wanted to ask you all about other instances of too much Blue-Gold hype. Please comment ones that you believed or how you saw others fall into this trap too. I’m intrigued to be reminded of any of these Blue-Gold bamboozles.

If you’re going to the Blue-Gold Game or watching it on TV, enjoy our Notre Dame Football fix until it comes back on September 2.