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Notre Dame Football: Weather Report For Blue-Gold Spring Game

Looking for that signature South Bend spring weather?

Golden Dome in Spring Twitter @mattcashore

We are only days away from the 88th annual Blue-Gold spring game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. Perhaps some of you are on the fence about attending the game, and need to check the weather real quick.

We have you covered.


That forecast is for the afternoon and it includes a high of 55 degrees. While that sounds perfectly fine for a football game in northeast Indiana in April, you should take a closer look at the day in its whole. After all, you may want to wander the campus a bit (per usual) and perhaps attend another event or gathering.

The hourly forecast tells a little different tale, but at least it isn’t awful. (Awful meaning rain).


The morning air will be very brisk, and a cloudy sky will add more chill to the bones. Temps come kickoff will be close to 50, but with only about 13 of the stadium expected to be filled... it could feel colder than the games in October (and even more so because we all long for that warm spring air that has teased us these past few weeks).

Unlike the fall, the temps will rise as the day continues, and let’s be honest... we aren’t talking about the 30’s and rain/snow, so there’s no real complaint here. Dress warm, and have fun.