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Irish Links: Elite Leprechaun Speed

Fast is fast.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

With college basketball heating up in March, my weekly contribution to our daily Irish Links here at OFD can be considered “thin” at best. With my football-centered mind, I have found little news of consequence over the past few days.

Elite Leprechaun Speed

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have had a perception problem for many years. Because of incompetent coaching and geographic prejudice, many have been lead to believe that the Golden Domers are as slow as a mule carrying bags of gold.

That is the visual, and it was helped along by seeing Irish defensive backs getting torched in the air. A guy like Dwight Ellick, who was a Florida state track champion in high school was never “slow” but he played slow.


That’s why having a guy on a “fast list” is both awesome and unnerving. Troy Pride Jr. is that guy, and he’s pretty damn fast.

Not On Target

The targeting call is a touchy subject for Notre Dame fans. Good thing the NCAA won’t make any changes to the rule this year. They will move forward with rules about jumping- just not about making the targeting rule a little lot more uniform.

Now Is The Time To Ask Some Questions

With only a few days left until spring football starts for the Irish, I extend an olive branch- or at least a coupon for free breadsticks at the Olive Garden. OFD’s Pat Sullivan is taking questions from all comers for an upcoming article. These Q&A’s from Pat are some of the best reads you’ll get on the internet on just about any day. Join in on the fun.

And You’re Off...

Sorry for the weak coverage this morning. We really covered quite a bit this weekend, so you get what you get. I’ll leave you with a Bob Davie victory: