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Notre Dame Fencing Wins The National Title Because They Are Better Than You

The Notre Dame fencing team became champions on Sunday. Savor the flavor.

Many people like to poke fun at the University of Notre Dame. I advise those that do, to think twice about such a silly hobby. Notre Dame has people that can wield a sword and slice you in half. Okay, okay... they’re not called “swords,” but I’m fairly certain that if they were given a sword, they would know what to do with it, cut you in pieces, and dance around like joyous leprechauns after the fact.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fencing team just won a national championship. THEY WON A NATIONAL TITLE Y’ALL! It’s their 9th overall team title and the first since 2011.

PLEASE read the article from Joanne Norell (sister of OFD’d own, Bobby Norell) over on UND. I won’t sit here and pretend to know what I’m writing about, but I wanted to make damn sure that we as Notre Dame fans recognize this remarkable achievement and share in the celebration that this TEAM OF CHAMPIONS is now indulging themselves in right now.

A few years ago, I was invited by Aaron Horvath (then the Notre Dame Sports Blogger) to come up to South Bend and take on a few of the world’s best fencers. Unfortunately, and to much regret, my schedule and the weather wreaked havoc on that day and I was unable to attend. Perhaps I need to reach out for a new invite as this incredible program is THE BEST IN THE NCAA, and it would be an honor to learn more about them and the program.

As Notre Dame fans we place so much importance on football and basketball- and that is understandable. However... as fans we may fail to understand that these titles for the small student enrollment at Notre Dame is a very VERY big deal- and rightfully so. This is pure awesome, and we extend a hearty congratulations to the Notre Dame Fencing team for their well-earned national championship.