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WATCH: Notre Dame Football’s St. Patrick’s Day Lift

This is what happens when you don’t wear green.

They brought the Leprechaun to the lift.
Watch ND screen shot

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is in the middle of an unprecedented number of changes for the Brian Kelly era. One of the most significant changes and the one that has probably been talked about the most thus far as we start spring football, is the addition of Matt Balis.

Balis, of course, takes over for Paul Longo in the strength and conditioning department, and has a new (and more accurate) title: Director of Football Performance.

While the following video doesn’t provide much context, and it perhaps shows less than the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre lift, it does give you a sense that this program is heading in a different direction. It’s easy to dismiss this kind of stuff because we have seen it and heard it before, but there is a general sense among the players, staff, and the insiders that there is a difference with Balis, and Notre Dame should be benefitting from all of this very soon.