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Notre Dame Basketball: Hey NDMBB, keep wearing the gold unis

The Irish broke out the gold unis for the first time all season on Tuesday against Wake Forest, and good things happened.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Notre Dame vs North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish just snapped their four game losing streak last night with a 88-81 win over Wake Forest. Sure you can chalk the win up to a better shooting performance, stronger defense or Bonzie Colson’s monster game, but there is another unlikely factor that must be taken into account — the UNIFORMS. Yep, that’s right the uniforms played a factor.

The Irish broke out their mustard yellow gold uniforms for the first time all season on Tuesday night and they came away with a victory. With a tough matchup with Florida State looming on Saturday, it was pretty much a must win for the Irish and they delivered. Over the last two seasons, Notre Dame has worn the gold unis in big time, must win type of games, so it’s no surprise they donned them for Wake Forest.

In fact, I did a little digging for you guys and since the start of the 2014-15 season (the year ND switched to Under Armour) Notre Dame has worn the gold uniforms 22 times. In those 22 games the Irish are 17-5 (.772 winning percentage). Their record in the other unis (white/blue/green) is still pretty good at 57-21, but when the Irish break out the gold unis they seem to play at a different level.

ND’s Record in the Gold Unis

Year W L
Year W L
2014/15 Wins Losses
Michigan State 79-78
Florida State 86-63
Purdue 94-63
Virginia - 62-56
Duke (ACC Tour) 76-64 -
UNC (ACC Tour) 90-82 -
Northeastern (NCAA) 69-65 -
Butler (NCAA) 67-64 -
Wichita State (NCAA) 81-70 -
Kentucky (NCAA) - 68-66
2015/16 Wins Losses
Youngstown State 87-78 -
@Duke 95-91 -
Virginia Tech 83-81 -
Boston College 76-49 -
@Syracuse - 81-66
@Clemson 89-83 -
Louisville 71-66 -
@Georgia Tech - 63-62
NC State 89-75 -
Duke (ACC Tour) 84-79 -
UNC (ACC Tour) - 78-47
2016/17 Wins Losses
Wake Forest 88-81 -

Some of Notre Dame’s biggest wins over the last two seasons have came in the golds. In 2015 the Irish won their first conference title of any kind wearing the gold unis. In that same season the Irish advanced to their first Elite Eight since 1979 with a Sweet Sixteen win over Wichita State in the gold unis. Last year the Irish won their first game at Cameron Indoor Stadium in the gold unis. They also knocked off No.1 North Carolina in the golds.

What I’m getting at is that the Irish need to ride the power of the gold uniforms for the reason of this season. They need to pick up the play down the stretch and wearing the golds could give the Irish a little extra umph.

Surprisingly the gold uniforms might be my least favorite set of unis. The combination of the mustard yellow gold and the green just doesn’t please my eyes. But I love to win more than anything and if the Irish play well in them, they should wear them for every game if they have to.