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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: 3-Star Offensive Lineman, Cole Mabry Is Irish

Notre Dame gets an offensive line commitment from Tennessee.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Notre Dame Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be a newfound sense of urgency with the 2017 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and it’s carrying over to their recruiting effort. One day (if even) after the Irish got commitments from a couple of 4-star defensive backs, it was the offensive line’s turn to add to its ranks.

Cole Mabry, a 3-star offensive lineman from Brentwood, Tennessee, became the 9th verbal commit of the incoming class of 2018.

While some may look at the star ranking and shrug their shoulders, I look at his star rating and shrug my shoulders. This is a guy that Harry Hiestand offered a scholarship to, and Harry wants him. Until proven otherwise, I’ll support and defend these types of offers.

Mabry is a big kid that is growing more and more, but has some very athletic feet. The great thing about offensive line recruits is that I really don’t care much about them or want to see them until their junior year. Unlike skill position players, for example, no one is pressuring to see the freshman or sophomore offensive lineman to see more of the field. We can wait to develop these players- which is exactly what Hiestand does.

The “numbers game” continues to look interesting as we move forward. There is no doubt there will be movement before the start of the 2018 season, but the race to 15-18 commits in this class is a real thing. We’re almost there... in February 2017.