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National Signing Day 2017: 3-Star LB Drew White To Notre Dame

Quietly, the long-time Irish verbal commit could end up being its biggest leader down the road.

Drew White
Twitter @STA_football

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are getting a special project with the signature from 3 star linebacker Drew White. White played for Florida powerhouse and FBS feeder school, St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, and was a monster there. His size, however, has some people scratching their heads.

Drew White
247 Sports

Listed at 6’1” and 225 pounds, White looks much smaller than that- but he plays with so much toughness and determination, you forget about all that size stuff as you drool over his tape. White can tackle- like really, really well. He’s not the fastest linebacker, but the kid knows how to breakdown and make an open field tackle. Tackling in the open field feels like a lost art form, which is incredibly strange given the number of spread offenses throughout the country.

What Notre Dame may have here with White, is Joe Schmidt on steroids. When Schmidt was kicking ass on the field, he was an inspiration and a great leader. His physical limitations, however, really hurt him once he got banged up a bit. He was unable to overcome lingering “hurts,” and still be impactful on the field. Drew White won’t have that problem.

I see a recruit that can lead others with his play- with his tenacity and his football I.Q. which is so highly regarded. Drew held offers from the Ohio State Buckeyes, LSU Tigers, and Michigan Wolverines- and perhaps if he didn’t commit so strongly to Notre Dame almost a year ago, his offer sheet would be even bigger now.

Linebacker Scholarship Chart 2017

I like Drew White a lot, and I have him listed as one of the best “sleepers” in this class. That doesn’t mean I think his 3 star rating should be higher, but it does mean that his star ranking means nothing in year 3 of the program when he really starts to shine. I think he will most definitely redshirt in his freshman season which will only help and foster his development.