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Notre Dame Football: Irish To Play Syracuse At Yankee Stadium In 2018... This Is Dumb

Notre Dame continues to make life harder for itself.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish appear to be set to restart the Shamrock Series next season. According to reports, the Irish will play the Syracuse Orange at Yankee Stadium on November 17 instead of at home in Notre Dame Stadium.

I was wrong to think that Notre Dame would quietly kill this failed attempt at nostalgia, and try to start scheduling to WIN games rather than some bullshit BRAND OPPORTUNITY. I should have known that powerful men that have agendas, tend TO STAY ON THAT AGENDA REGARDLESS OF THE WAKE OF DESTRUCTION THEY LEAVE BEHIND.

Of course the best way to win in college football, and in life, is to have just ONE home game after October 13th (Florida State Seminoles on November 10).

So, after the Irish play the Pittsburgh Panther on October 13, the bye week on the 20th is supposed to remake them into super road warriors - because of course Notre Dame is known to be a good road team lol (kill me now).

After the bye, the Irish...

  • Travel to San Diego, California to take on the triple-option of the Navy Midshipmen
  • Play in Chicago the following week against the Northwestern Wildcats
  • Stay home for an easy game against the Florida State Seminoles
  • Head to New York to face the always slow-paced Syracuse Orange
  • And then they fly back out to L.A. to face the USC Trojans

You want to know why the Irish seem to always flop in November? It ain't all Brian Kelly (sorry Kelly haters). The biggest reason is probably the way Notre Dame schedules its November.


Notre Dame continues to make life harder for itself, and worships at the alter of money and THAT BELOVED BRAND rather than do anything to actually WIN football games.

Notre Dame will lucky to go 2-2 next season with this kind of nonsense schedule. What's that mean? Just another 8-4 or 9-3 season in the making - BUT CHECK OUT THOSE DOPE SHAMROCK SERIES UNIFORMS!

There is NOTHING about this game that can be defended. NOTHING.