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Brian Kelly: "I've Had A Lot Of Really Good Outings In The State of Florida"

Brian Kelly works his comedic skills on the Notre Dame media.

Notre Dame
Notre Dame Fighting Irish take the field.
Ryan Meyer / TNNDN

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are down in Orlando for their Citrus Bowl game against the LSU Tigers and they are getting their reps in on the practice field. Head Coach Brian Kelly spoke with the media after a practice and was full of jokes.

Kelly was asked about Notre Dame's "rough outings" in the state of Florida, and he gave this answer:

"I've had a lot of really good outings in the state of Florida. At Notre Dame - I really can't remember them. I only remember the really good times in Florida. Days on the beach, golf - I've had really good rounds. I think I had my lowest round. I think I was in the 70's one time here in Florida. So we try not to remember those. Obviously, our guys remember the last game they played and the preparation, and that's really it. It's a short memory in college football. You go and get ready for the next one and they're going to get ready and prepare for LSU. It's not where you're playing it's how we play."

Kelly also discusses the status of Kevin Stepherson, the receivers and tight ends, and possible offensive game plans.

The Irish will face LSU on January 1 at 1:00.