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Notre Dame Football: Some Questions About The Upcoming Citrus Bowl Game Against The LSU Tigers

Digesting a bunch of Christmas meals causes us to think about things and ask questions.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Christmas has come and gone this year, our focus for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is starting to zero in on the upcoming game against the LSU Tigers in the Citrus Bowl. In a "game week" sense, today is basically like a Sunday (just to get you in the right state of mind).

With that in mind, I have a list of questions that:

  • I want answered
  • I think, could be answered
  • Will be answered

At the moment, I have my theories and my guesses - but before I get into all of that this week, I thought we could lay out some of these questions. Maybe you have the answers? Maybe you have more questions?

So... let's go into this panic room together and lay it out lightening round style:

  1. Can this be considered a "big bowl game"?
  2. Which Brandon Wimbush shows up - the one we have, or the one we thought we had?
  3. Are the running backs all healthy?
  4. Does a healthy Dexter Williams get more than 2 carries?
  5. Who will be playing wide receiver?
  6. Does C.J. Sanders make a special guest appearance on the offense?
  7. What kind of safety play can we expect from Nick Coleman and Jalen Elliott?
  8. How will the cornerback rotation work with Nick Watkins, Shaun Crawford, and Troy Pride Jr.?
  9. Will Quenton Nelson and Mike McGlinchey be able to control the line of scrimmage?
  10. Where's Jerry Tillery's head at?
  11. Will Chip Long and Brian Kelly try a bunch of screens again?
  12. Is Durham Smythe set up for an MVP type of game?
  13. Is this Te'von Coney's last game?
  14. How much does this game mean to you?
  15. How much does this game mean to the team?
  16. How much does this game mean to the program?
  17. Will there be any more surprises before Monday?
  18. What kind of team is LSU bringing?
  19. Is LSU's depth on the defensive front strong enough to survive losing 3 starters?
  20. Do you miss Les Miles?
  21. How many time will you read #FireKelly on Twitter?
  22. Do you actually own a Notre Dame jersey?
  23. Is the world ready for a Justin Yoon game-winner?
  24. How hungover will we all be?

Yeah, those were just a few.

OFD will be back up and running at full capacity soon enough (remember you bastards... this is actually Sunday). Feel free to answer these questions or ask a few yourself. Only one more Christmas turkey to go!