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BREAKING: Notre Dame Football Players CJ Holmes And Kevin Stepherson Are Suspended

Notre Dame is down two players for the bowl game and possibly more.

Lynne Gilbert TNNDN

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish just signed 20 recruits today at the start of the early signing period, and they're going to need all of them and then some.

Michael Bertsch, Notre Dame's Director of Football Media Relations tweeted this out today:

"University of Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly announced Wednesday that sophomore wide receiver Kevin Stepherson and freshman running back C.J. Holmes have each been suspended indefinitely from all football related activities."

There were some rumblings this week about something going down with these two, but what the exact details were that involved both Kevin Stepherson and C.J. Holmes was unknown.

A WNDU report stated that the pair were arrested for shoplifting at a Macy's in Mishawaka.

One would have to think that Stepherson is all but done with not only the football program but with the University. Stepherson was arrested as a freshman in August of 2016 in the now famous, "Ford Five" incident, and then last year he violated team rules and missed the first four games (while riding the bench).

The final decisions on these two could take a while. Notre Dame spokesman Dennis Brown said in a statement:

"The University is aware of this incident and is confident that it will be handled appropriately by the criminal justice system. University discipline is handled privately, in accord with our own policies and federal law."