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Notre Dame Football: Mike McGlinchey And Quenton Nelson Are AP All-Americans

Two of the best ever to play at Notre Dame rack up the accolades.


In a resurgent year for the running game, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had two players that stood above the rest as the driving force... Mike McGlinchey and Quenton Nelson. The pair that shared a fist bump before each snap and led the way on the ground, now share first team AP All-American honors.

I know... that last sentence is entirely unoriginal. Honestly, I’m having a hard time finding the words and a hard time trying to understand how the season ended on such a disappointment with these two giants leading the way.

It’s incredibly rare to have two lineman as first-team AP All-American’s, and the last time the Irish did it was in 1931 - 86 years ago. I guess that’s what makes these kind of accolades so bittersweet.

MIke McGlinchey is one of the best Notre Dame offensive linemen in the modern era - and that list has such Irish greats as Aaron Taylor and Zack Martin (among many others). Quenton Nelson (hosed out of the Outland Trophy) was, in the opinion of some media members, regarded as the best college football player in the country this year. (Baker Mayfield be damned). On the list of the very best Notre Dame has ever had... Nelson’s name is etched in stone.

9-3 is the legacy that is left. They deserved better.