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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for Miami

Recap of last weeks “winners” and Cranking up the heat for the discussion as the Irish head to South Beach

USC v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


As mentioned last week, I will be featuring some of the Hot and Cold takes from the week before in an effort to showcase some of the incredible readers on this site. This week features an incredibly accurate prediction, as well as the Iciest take I’ve seen to date. Let’s get the takes firing as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish head to South Beach to take on the Miami-Florida Hurricanes.


I SWEAR there has been no collusion in this Take. As many people know, I lean on my father (a late 70’s ND grad and Track Star), to give me insight into games and environments I was not alive for. Last week, he gave a pretty hot take that was 100% accurate (not bad for his first go around).

Damn. Old Bull beats out the Young Calf yet again

Lets check the Box Score....Well Done AGough.

Spot on


This goes out to a Guy who just gets it. Sipping some ice cold crispy cruisers while enjoying an incredible Saturday of College Football. I hope you have the same take this week and all subsequent weeks as well. Good Day Dark Cloud!

All the Beers

And now on to the Miami Hurricanes

COLD TAKE: Josh Adams has a 50+ Yard TD to swing Momentum

Really going out on a limb for this one.....However, it is not the action, but the timing of the action that matters. I see this game going back and forth throughout the first half and maybe through the third quarter. However, I think our big eaters begin to wear down the Miami front 7 and Adams rips a big run to shift the momentum. After that, the Irish will not look back and will melt down the turnover chain and pour it over the heads of the weeping Miami faithful—-Sup Viserys.....(whoa that was too far but you get the idea).

Also since we had some withdrawal last week from Josh Adams-Here you go.

HOT TAKE:The Turnover Chain is brought out EARLY in the outing

SAD! This is something that I am not excited to share about, but something that will NOT shape the full outcome of the game. I will be the first to admit that the Turnover Chain terrifies me. I think the environment will create a bit of chaos the Irish haven’t really faced yet-Our toughest crowd so far has been Georgia at home. I think this added pressure will cause some slip ups early, but our defense will respond as our offense settles. Do not panic and trust in our defense and the beating the Offensive line will deliver. My advice to fans....When the first turnover happens...Breathe....If the second turnover happens, keep breathing...and let’s just hope it doesn’t get to three. Go Irish!

PS-It is a LOT less intimidating that A-Rod has bought into this. He hasn’t scared me since trying to pitch against him in Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball. But if Pitbull rocks it screaming “Mr. Worldwide” on us.......hold on for dear life.

YOUR TAKES: Please comment on my own and add in yours! Most Accurate and Most interesting will be featured next week.