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Series Recap: Notre Dame vs. Miami

It didn’t start out as Catholics vs. Convicts, nor is it really like that now, but there is some definite history here

Hyundai Sun Bowl -  Notre Dame v Miami Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


In just two days, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish face the Miami-Florida Hurricanes in what seems to be a true battle and ultimate test for these teams. Number 3 vs. Number 7. Winner stays in definite contention for the College Football Playoff and will more than likely be ranked in the Top 4 next Tuesday.

Since I’ve been alive, I haven’t seen a ND-Miami game with this much on the line. The implications are a throwback to the late 80s in the Catholics vs. Convicts days. Instead of Lou and Jimmy, it’s Brian and Mark. I’m nervous and excited and pumped for this game, as this puts everything that we have done into national perspective. Just like games of old in the national perspective, this ND-Miami game should not disappoint.

Let’s breakdown the recap of this series between once bitter rivals:

ND and Miami: The Series

Notre Dame and Miami have played each other 26 times, and the Irish hold the series lead 18-7-1. The one tie was in 1965 in a 0-0 draw when Ara was coach. This series has stretched all the way to Japan as well. Overall in the series, Notre Dame has historically dominated. From 1955-1980, there were only 2 blemishes to Notre Dame’s record in this series: that tie and one loss in 1960. However, as we all know, the 80s truly defined this series as some back and forth games, more hatred, and even some dominance by Miami that had to be quelled.

Craig Erickson


1985: Really what sparked the hatred for these teams in the 80s. Jimmy Johnson ran up the score on a downtrodden and lacking team led by Gerry Faust. This really pissed off Notre Dame fans, and it still does to this day.

1987: We were getting close to that Miami prowess, but definitely fell short. In a shutout, Miami beat the surging Irish team and Lou Holtz. Fortunately for the Irish, that game sparked the magical 1988 season and matchup.


1989: In the game after the 1988 craziness, the Irish went into Miami the next year and couldn’t get the job done unlike the last year. Miami was looking for revenge. The game and feelings were summed up with Miami converting on a 3rd and 43 play (facepalm).

This ended Notre Dame’s #1 ranking, shot at a national title, and win streak of 23 games. Fortunately, Miami didn’t get the last laugh.


1990: The last time the two teams would meet for 20 years. After the 1989 game, the Irish wanted the revenge this time. Well, they got it, and ended the heated rivalry of the 80s with this win.

2012: After the Sun Bowl of 2010, this was only the 2nd time that the Irish played Miami since that 1990 game. This was the first regular season match up in 22 years. It was the Shamrock Series in Chicago. I think this was cathartic for some Irish fans, as we trounced the Hurricanes that day. Also, this game began the thoughts that the 2012 season might be a fun one.

1988: Catholics vs. Convicts. The build up. The pre-game fight. The controversy during the game. The euphoria of beating them.

One of the best intros of a game ever. And now, for the actual game.

Love. It.

Go Irish. Beat Hurricanes. Let’s continue the mojo and get #33Trucking to another victory.