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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly - "We Might Change Our Shoes"

Brian Kelly spoke with the media and we got our first "turf" question of the year.

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

When you're the head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, you have to answer a lot of questions. Some are silly, some are shitty, and some are serious. Sometimes it means you have to be someone other than a football coach and more like a doctor, banker, weatherman, and of course... turf management professional.

Brian Kelly hasn't had to answer too many of these questions over the past few years with the installation of fieldturf inside Notre Dame Stadium, but with the Miami-Florida Hurricanes next up on the schedule in Miami, the question about footing came up because of some very poor turf conditions for an NFL game that was played on Sunday night.

Well, we're not going to change who we are. We might change our shoes. Certainly today, we'll wear screw-ins, instead of the molded, and try those out. We haven't used a screw-in shoe. You know, it limits what you can do, because you can't go from field turf and use the screw-in on field turf and then go on the grass. So one unit has got to stay on the grass the whole time. It changes how you practice.

But I think we are going to put probably one of the units in screw-in today and one of the units, offense or defense, I haven't decided, in molded and maybe switch it, just so they get the screw-in shoe on them for the first time; and then have that option to use a screw-in, instead of a molded on Saturday.

So we have options for the field conditions and that's all we -- I just want to produce options for our guys, and if we don't do it here on Tuesday and Wednesday and we don't have that, I don't want to throw a screw-in cleat on a kid that's never used it before, because it's a different shoe.

You can see more about that and the rest of the Brian Kelly press conference in the video below.

Brian Kelly Press Conference - Miami (FL)

Brian Kelly Press Conference is LIVE NOW

Posted by Notre Dame Fighting Irish Athletics on Tuesday, November 7, 2017