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Notre Dame Football: The Josh Adams Heisman Promo Video That Will Have You Running Through Walls

Do you need a lift? Try slowing down a bit with Josh Adams - and then take off.

Ryan Meyer / TNNDN

The Josh Adams Heisman campaign is in full gear for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The University has launched an aggressive strategy that has a catchy slogan (#33trucking), the decal for that slogan, a trucker hat with decal for that slogan, and now an incredible video for the country to watch.

Notre Dame is making sure that Heisman voters and fans across the country won't be making the mistake of overlooking Josh Adams whenever the Heisman discussion is brought up.

Adams, in 8 games, has rushed for over 1100 yards and 9 touchdowns and averages almost 9 yards per carry. He has also sat for NINE quarters instead of being in the game to pad his stats.

That's dominance AND class.