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Notre Dame Football: OFD Mailbag - Wake Forest Week

We’re back for another OFD Mailbag. Let’s see what y’all got this week.

Bobby Norell

Very interesting question proposed by our fearless leader. I guess I’d rather have my wake on the bend of a river. Having it out in some forest seams creepy and something out of a horror movie. Having it out on some water would be peaceful and probably be better scenery.

We’re all in this together. We’ll help each other get through this stressful time.

I’ll go with Hainsey. He and Tommy Kraemer have teamed up to be a great tandem at that right tackle position. It seems like both are poised to be the next great O-Linemen at Notre Dame. That said, Hinish and Tagovailoa have provided valuable depth to the D-Line this season.

It’s hard to predict these things. I’m going to go with no. The mentality of this team just seems different this year. They’re so focused on the task at hand, it’s hard to see a let down. I will say this game could be similar to last week where NC State was in the game for a half, then Notre Dame exerted its physical dominance in the second half.

In a word...yes.

I read the transcript of Doeren’s comments, and it’s pretty unbelievable he’s trying to discredit a team that thoroughly and physically dominated his team last Saturday.

You should probably ask Dave Doeren this one. He’d apparently thinks so.

This one is pretty obvious that it is NDMBB in 2015. Not to discount anything the football team this done has year, but just think of the basketball programs in that state. North Carolina and Duke are bluebloods that compete for a national title every season. Duke won the title in 2015, and Notre Dame was the last team to beat them before doing so. They Irish beat the Blue Devils and Tar Heels twice that season, including in Greensboro in the ACC Tournament, which makes it even more impressive.

The question that you all, and by you all I mean Pat, has been waiting for! So I’m going to be honest, I watched like five minutes of a 20-minute youtube video of this show, so that is what I’m basing this answer on.

I’d take the offensive line’s chances to succeed on this show. They have the strength, power and size to compete in the obstacles that require those traits, but they’re also light and nimble on their feet for events such as the one I watched, which was basically running across a river on some rocks. So yea, I hope this answer satisfies you Pat. If not, make sure to leave a comment.

Alright, folks! That’s it for this week’s #OFDMailbag. Make sure to tweet at us (@OneFootDown & @RENorell_III), and I’ll try to answer any and all questions! Have a great weekend! Go Irish!