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One Foot Down's Official Stance On Notre Dame Football Coach, Brian Kelly

You mad bro?

With the end of the regular season (as if that was actually needed) battle lines are once again being drawn for the War on Brian Kelly. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish fanbase is full of extremely passionate people, and many have put themselves on one side or the other concerning the issue of Brian Kelly's employment status in South Bend.

Should Notre Dame fire Brian Kelly or should Notre Dame keep Brian Kelly?

After two losses in November to go from 8-1 and #3 in the playoff rankings to 9-3 and #15, fans are incredibly heartbroken and some are seeking retribution. No matter what happens in the upcoming bowl game, Brian Kelly will coach Notre Dame in 2018.

That fact is going to cause issues with a lot of fans and it will be comforting for others. Because of this, I think it’s important to state the official stance of One Foot Down on the subject...


I don’t want this site to be labeled one way or another, and I want to foster the discussion without alienating anyone. We all have our opinions here, and those opinions will be able to be published and commented on.

So... go ahead and spill your guts. We’re listening, and we won’t judge (too harshly).