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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Take for Wake Forest

Time for you to join in on the conversation-What are your HOT and COLD takes for this weeks showdown?

North Carolina State v Notre Dame
Commenters Yelling At my Takes: Embrace DEBATE


As mentioned in “Thoughts” article earlier this week, I will be breaking up the weekly segment into two parts. I thought this new format would allow for readers and fans to leave their own takes for the game, both HOT and COLD. As a recap, a HOT take is one that may cause some controversy, but will allow you to say “CALLED IT” if it somehow comes through. Cold Takes are still impressive to get right, but are more reasonable. I will highlight the most accurate, most interesting, and most wildly incorrect “fan takes” the following week, which will be great if we get a lot of participation! With that said-Here we go! Please leave feedback and leave your take for the matchup between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons!

Cold Take: Dexter Williams will get back in the Endzone (on a 25+ yard Run)

Pretty Chilly with this take here.....But I think with Tony Jones Jr. Still a bit banged up, and Williams finally healthy, he will get his touches and get into the endzone. HOWEVER, I think this will have to be on a long run (over 25 yards). Any time (as long as the game is not a blowout) that we get within striking distance, we will get Josh Adams the ball. I believe Brian Kelly will want to keep the #33Trucking campaign going and getting touchdowns is a major part of that. With that said, I do LOVE seeing me some high quality Dexy runs (get it).

Watch your hands Tori!

Hot Take: We will have more passing yards than rushing yards in the first half.

Bear with me....and remember, these are HOT takes for a reason. The Wake Forest Defense will absolutely load the box with the thought in mind to make Brandon Wimbush beat them with his arm. Now I am NOT saying we will get shut down in the run game completely, but that this will be the week where our passing offense finally opens up. Loading the box will make them susceptible to play action, crossing routes, and double moves, which we will see a lot of early. I believe this is FINALLY the week the Equanimeous St Brown breaks out. I am praying this happens, not only for his sake, but for Wimbush’s confidence going down the stretch. We will also see creative ways to get Kevin Stepherson the ball-which also opens up the door for EQ. The early success of passing and the wear and tear of their D-line will ultimately open the door way back open for all you RTDB fans out there (myself included) and we will end up with more net Rushing than Passing.

This was fun

Your Takes: Please leave your takes below (hot, cold medium-any temp). I Will feature the top Takes next week. GO IRISH!