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Notre Dame Was Afraid Of Marshmallows

The Notre Dame administration stood before Gozer the Gozerian, and made the same mistake as Ray Stantz.

Hamleys Toy Parade 2016 Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Hamleys

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish won a close 24-17 game over the Navy Midshipmen, but as I sat down to write an editorial, a note from the game was gnawing at my head.

Every year on senior day, students sneak in marshmallows and have a marshmallow fight. I’m not sure how long the tradition has been in place, but it’s been going on for a very long time.

Notre Dame, of course, wants to crack down on this awful behavior, and stepped up their search game today with the student section according to a couple of message board posts.

Both accounts were posted on


My daughter, a senior, was in line for over an hour to get into the student section today, missing much of the 1st quarter.

She said it was one of the most dangerous, poorly run situations she's ever seen. ("I now understand how people get trampled to death at events.") Everyone was forced to remove their coats to be patted down, primarily so that all marshmallows could be confiscated. It became so out of control that people were pushing and at least 3 people fell and were trampled and taken away on stretchers.

Lloyd Braun:

He said that he and his buddies were asked to take off jackets and lift shirts in search of marshmallows. One of his friends was even demanded to undo his pants and had a county deputy physically search inside his pants. He said the whole situation was close to exploding into a riot. All over marshmallows.

Notre Dame just lost a bad game the week before against the Miami-Florida Hurricanes, and one of the big reasons they got steamrolled was because of a raucous crowd. I’m not sure if I’d ever use the word “raucous” when describing a marshmallow fight, but I guess the University of Notre Dame would.