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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for Navy

Remember to Add in Your Own Takes This Week

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College
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Last week’s Takes

Well let’s be honest here....The majority of the takes were way off base, but it was great to hear all of the different inputs of the fans. Unfortunately my Hot Take was pretty accurate...(well the first part).....and we all SHOULD have panicked.

Turns out the Turnover chain WAS brought out......but we did not respond how I hoped we would...and that killed us.

One of my favorite Commenters, “Clearwall” Had one that cracked me up and is most likely an accurate portrayal of how the play calling went. Let’s stay away from very slow developing runs during big games from now on.

Lets Hope the takes this week are a big more positive as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the Navy Midshipmen.


Our Rushing offense takes care of business early, and the coaches let a combination of Brandon Wimbush and Ian Book (garbage time) throw the ball to build up their confidence. This is absolutely necessary if we hope to compete with Stanford and a potentially great team in a bowl game. The entire fan base has been waiting for Wimbush to connect with someone streaking deep and hit them in stride. Outside of one long pass to Miles Boykin, all of the deep balls this year have been a bit off. Wimbush needs to start connecting on these, if nothing else for his confidence. I am not saying we should come out guns blazing throwing the ball for all you RTDB preachers out there....but we need to prove to ourselves that we can at least hit those deep balls when they are there.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


We hold Navy’s potent rushing offense to under 200 yards. I think our defense responds in a huge way this week and plays extremely sound. The speed of the game will be much slower than last week, and more about pure assignment football. I think we see big performances by Jerry Tillery and Drue Tranquill in particular. This type of game is built for Tranquill to make plays on the outside and get horizontal very quickly to take out the pitch. He still has one of the best looking (great cinematography) plays against the option a couple years back. Pure Beauty.

Your Takes

Remember to include your own HOT and COLD takes below!