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Notre Dame Football: WATCH Mike Elko Fire Up The Defense Before The Miami Game

Mike Elko is so LIT right now!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are as sick of hearing about that turnover chain of the Miami-Florida Hurricanes as you are.

Mike Elko gathered his players inside the stadium and delivered an impassioned speech about this, and what he wants done.

Mike Elko is LIT:

In fact, here is a post from a friend on Facebook that used to run the Domer Law Blog:

Since we've been hearing so much about Miami's Turnover chain, let's look at some numbers:


Notre Dame 19 Miami 20


Notre Dame 7 Miami 9

Turnover margin:

Notre Dame +12 Miami +11

Points off turnovers:

Notre Dame: 108 Miami: 34

Points per turnover:

Notre Dame 5.68 Miami 1.70

Now tell me again how important turnovers are going to be Saturday night? #theUgonnachokeontheirchain