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Notre Dame Football: OFD Mailbag - Miami Week

Catholics vs. Convicts is #BACK and so is the OFD Mailbag!

This would be a helpful step in the development of Brandon Wimbush. There were several key drops in Notre Dame’s win over Wake Forest last week, albeit the conditions were rather poor.

“Worry about what you do, don’t worry about what they do”

Basically, the way I see it, with the way the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have set themselves up right now...worry about what the Irish do from here on out. If they win out, they’re in. If USC and MSU happen to finish the year out strong, great. But I’m not going to sit here and actively cheer for MSU and especially not USC.

***Editor’s note: this guy who asked this question says he’s an ND fan, but owns multiple USC jerseys and shirts and actively cheers for them...don’t know how that adds up***

Well first, they’ve only given up more than 20 points in one game this season and that was last weekend. Notre Dame’s defense is for real, no doubt about it. You don’t hold seven power five opponents (three of which are ranked) to 20 points or less by accident. They’ve played good offenses too. They shut down Sam Darnold and USC’s high octane attack, and held Georgia to 20 points, which is their lowest mark this season. The Irish defense gets great pressure on the QB, causes turnovers and outside of last weekend, they’ve tackled real well.

If a hotdog isn’t a sandwich...what would you classify it as?

Outside of the student section, if they see you doing pushups they’re going to scold you. It probably has to do with liability issues, but then again it’s Notre Dame and fun isn’t allowed.

Okay I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings, and I plan on never seeing it, so my answers are based solely on Wikipedia.

Gandalf - Brian Kelly: On the Wikipedia page it describes Gandalf as, “seemed the least, less tall than the others, and in looks more aged, grey-haired and grey-clad, and leaning on a staff.” Brian Kelly isn’t exactly tall. He’s aged a little since arriving at ND. He doesn’t have the grey hair quite yet, but he does lean on his (coaching) staff for support

Samwise Gamgee - Mike Elko: According to Wikipedia, Samwise is portrayed as physically and emotionally strong. Judging by the camera in the press box, Elko seems to be very in control of his emotions, plus he was a former player he’s obviously physically strong.

Frodo Baggins - Tom(my) Rees: It says while Tolkien was writing the book, Frodo’s name wasn’t Frodo at first, it was actually Bingo. I’m picking Rees here solely because of the name change. He was Tommy at first, now he’s just Tom.

Legolas - Autry Denson: Legolas is described (on Wikipedia) as someone who does not tire from constant running. Logically, I have to put the running back coach here.

Gimli - Chip Long: Don’t really have a sound explanation for this one, but Wikipedia says that Gimli is friends with Legolas (Autry Denson) and Frodo (Tommy Rees)...Long works closely with those guys on offense, so I imagine they’re decent friends.

Boromir - Harry Hiestand: Wikipedia describes this character as “a noble character who believes in the greatness of his kingdom...with a forceful and commanding personality” Which sounds a lot like Hiestand and his offensive line.

Meriadoc Brandybuck - Brian Polian: Wikipedia says this character is “a lover of boats and maps”. Seeing that Brian Polian is the director of recruiting, he probably needs a map (or a GPS), to get around the country to recruit.

I know I’m missing two characters here, but I don’t find anybody on the coaching staff to fit the mold. So Pat, I hope this long, lengthy and quite uneducated answer satisfies you. Can’t wait to see what you have in store next week.

***Editors Note: I’m kind of thinking of pulling a Pete Sampson and just blow off Pat’s question each week. Haha I could never!***