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The Anti-Preview: #3 Notre Dame VS #7 Miami

Smashing Canes with grit.

Miami v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It's the second game of November and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in prime position to make the college football playoffs. Let that thought sink in for a moment, and remember what a 4-8 season feels like.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly


I think it's safe to say that we are all having a pretty good time. 8-1, #3, a Heisman campaign, #RTDB in full effect, sincere respect from the rest of the country, and real hope for a national championship this season and future seasons.

It's all right there in front of us - NOW LET'S GO GET THIS SHIT!


NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami-Florida Hurricanes are having a similar type of resurgence in 2017. The Canes certainly have their swagger back, but it still doesn't resemble the swag when they were one of the most feared teams in college football. Those teams would dominate opponents, while this year's version is simply winning games.

Miami has failed to score higher than 28 points in their last 5 games, BUT they have the nation's #12 scoring defense by only giving up 17.6 points per game. The lone common opponent the Canes have with the Irish is that they both traveled to Chapel Hill to play the North Carolina Tar Heels. While Notre Dame soundly beat the Heels 33-10, Miami escaped with a 24-19 win.

Although the Canes have the swag, chain, and a whole lot of bark - they still aren't in the same league as many former Miami teams - or even this year's Notre Dame team.


Instinct would suggest that we dive into the many different rum cocktails so prevalent in that region of the world, and I guess I'm just going to give in to those instincts. It's alright - the right amount of this drink and you won't have those instincts anymore. SO YAY US!

Goombay Smash

  • 8 OZ. of Captain Morgan
  • 8 OZ. of Coconut Rum
  • 4 OZ. of Grand Marniery
  • 16 OZ. of Orange Juice
  • 16 OZ. of Pineapple Juice

Mix all ingredients. Serve in a glass with or without ice cubes. Drop a couple of Maraschino Cherries in and drizzle with the cherry juice.


Brian Kelly has talked about "grit" all year long now. So, let's just hit up the Pilgrim on the Box. Eat a bowl of grits (or many). Prepare however you like:

  • Butter
  • Jam
  • Cheese
  • Whatever you can find

Here is the great RZA talking about this week's food. He is wise - so listen up:


While it's an easy move to wear a particular t-shirt this week, I suggest that you supplement that shirt with some flip flops. Show how dope you are at your local gamewatch in upstate New York and rock a pair of these:


The Canes are undefeated and ranked in the Top 10. Not only will a win against Miami help boost Notre Dame's already impressive résumé, but it ruins Miami's hopes of a playoff bid.

It's that simple.


  1. Pig Face Satan
  2. That stupid fucking chain
  3. 1985
  4. 3rd & 44
  5. Everything


NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kelly. Never before have I placed a coach in this category, but as the stakes get higher for the Fighting Irish, so too does the pressure for Brian Kelly. Despite all of the good that he has done this season by changing who he is for the betterment of the program, this is a game that he could easily fall back into old habits. However, I think Kelly will have the team more than prepared to face this challenge and will pull together a gameplan to help lead the Irish to victory.

Quenton Nelson. There is no amount of "swag" and shit-talking that can counter getting your ass kicked all over the field. Quenton Nelson is fully capable of doing such a deed (he and his fellow offensive linemen). The Irish have become what they are by getting back to the fundamentals of football and going old school with the running game. Nelson's play will help set the tone for the entire game.


Miami has seemed more lucky than good this season while the Irish have been mostly one of the more dominant teams in the country. We've been in the Canes shoes before in situations like this and it almost never ended up well for the Irish. That science continues: NOTRE DAME 38, MIAMI 24.