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Notre Dame Football: OFD Mailbag - North Carolina Week

You got questions, I got answers.

Bobby Norell

It sounds/looks like Brandon Wimbush will play this weekend, although Brian Kelly said it would be a gameday decision. In the off chance Book starts this weekend, I would be pretty confident in him winning the game. First, Kelly has had a good history of winning with freshmen or redshirt freshmen. He has a record of 23-4 record when starting a freshman or redshirt freshman, his only losses coming against Alabama, Clemson, Stanford and Ohio State.

Second, North Carolina’s defense is atrocious, specifically their run defense, which happens to be the best part of Notre Dame’s offense. I’d think if Book has to start, the Irish would heavily rely on the ground game. Lastly, in the very limited time we’ve seen Book, he’s looked pretty comfortable out there. I wouldn’t be that concerned considering the opponent, but if it were a team like, say, USC, then I’d probably be a little more concerned.

I’m going with USC. Say what you want about the Trojans’ start to the season, but they are still an immensely talented and darn good football team. Plus this game comes right smack dab in the middle of the season. It will be Notre Dame’s midterm exam, if you will. We’ll find out just how good Notre Dame is or isn’t.

Stand a chance? Who do you think USC is? The ‘85 Bears? Yes, of course they stand a chance. While I do say USC is Notre Dame’s biggest test, and they are, the Trojans have looked vulnerable this season. The Irish also get USC at home, under the lights. Notre Dame most assuredly has a chance.

I’ll join next week if he plays and things goes poorly.

First, I apologize to Pat for not being able to fully answer his question since I haven’t seen the show. I have seen the movie though, so I’ll be able to partially answer this one.

If there was one player I could put on the ND team right now, I’d go with quarterback Mike Winchell. First off, I’m a huge believer in Wimbush, so this pick has nothing to do with his struggles. I’m going with Winchell because he’s my favorite character from the movie. Yea, he’s undersized, but he’s one heckuva leader and fighter. I’d take a Mike Winchell on my team any day.

I couldn’t go with Boobie Miles, because Josh Adams has been a stud and no need to replace him. Wouldn't go with “the Preacher Man”, Ivory Christian, because ND’s pass rush has been pretty good this season. Wouldn't go with Brian “Chavo” Chavez, since Notre Dame’s safety play has also been adequate this season. Lastly, I couldn’t take Brad Billingsley since Notre Dame doesn’t really employ the use of a fullback.

That’s it for this week’s mailbag. Feel free to reach out to us at on Twitter at @OneFootDown or @RENorell_III. Go Irish!