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Weather Report for Notre Dame vs. North Carolina Football Game Saturday in Chapel Hill

It’s going to be hot. And it’s not going to rain, like it probably will in South Bend.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and North Carolina Tar Heels will kick off at 3:30 p.m. Saturday under partly sunny skies and amidst hot air temperatures, according to the latest Accuweather forecast.

While the mercury may read 83 degrees Fahrenheit, Accuweather says the Realfeel temperature — which takes into consideration humidity, cloud cover and sun intensity — will be closer to 91 degrees. Hopefully, these players are well hydrated!

The sun will set shortly before 7 p.m., which will keep the fourth quarter cooler for fans. The temperature gauge may still read 78 degrees, but the RealFeel will dip down to 82 degrees.

We’ll have a much more comfortable atmosphere when tailgating lots open for the day at 8 a.m.* The weather for kegs and eggs — or whatever you fine people serve on gameday — is forecast to be 63 degrees. It starts to get hot and sticky around noon, so start with a tee-hoodie and then shed that bad boy for your lightest, whitest T-shirt by lunchtime. (Unless UNC fans wear white. Then maybe go with green or blue.)

This is going to be a pretty typical day in Chapel Hill, N.C., temperature wise. The high on Oct. 7, 2016 was 73 degrees, while the low was 64 degrees.

If Notre Dame was hosting UNC unless of the reverse, it’d be a hot afternoon in South Bend as well. The high is expected to be 78 degrees, while the low is 54 degrees. The forecast also calls for thunderstorms.

While the Irish have won some memorable games in the rain, fans don’t have pleasant memories of games interrupted by lightning. (Don’t click this link unless you want to feel sad. And maybe angry. Sangry, even.)