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College Football Playoff Ranking: Notre Dame Ranked #3 in First Release

A heck of a start for the playoff rankings!

North Carolina State v Notre Dame
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in the Top 4 of the first college football playoff rankings of the season. The committee sees them as currently the third best team in the nation, right behind Georgia and Bama, right ahead of the Clemson Tigers. However, these are just current, and there are still four more tests for the Irish. I’m pumped, but we can’t get too crazy or giddy.

Here is how the rest of the Top 25 rankings shook out:

We’re number 3. Georgia, our 1 loss, is now number 1
College Football Playoff

Rankings of Note

The Georgia Bulldogs are now number 1, overtaking the Alabama Crimson Tide (number 2) for top spot in the nation. It is now truly confirmed thet our loss to them is the strongest loss in the nation.

The Wisconsin Badgers are undefeated, but dropped to number 9. The Miami-Florida Hurricanes, our opponent after next, are also undefeated but are number 10.

The N.C. State Wolfpack are now number 20, the Stanford Cardinal are 21 (our last opponent), and the Michigan State Spartans are at 24.

A lot of football and rankings left in the season. Stay the course and keep on #33Trucking.