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Series Recap: Notre Dame vs. NC State

Rivers and Hurricanes caused our demise

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina State
Last year’s game was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen
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Another Top 15 match up is occurring in Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday afternoon as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish host the N.C. State Wolfpack. We’re looking to continue our hot streak after rattling off 5 straight dominant wins against ranked and un-ranked opponents alike. We got a big game on Saturday, and the biggest match up of these two schools ever.

Here’s how we have fared against the Wolfpack:

This is probably the worst one of these that I will ever do. The Irish are literally win-less against NC State. We have played each other two times, and NC State has won both meetings (2003 and 2016). It has actually been so bad that the Irish have yet to score a touchdown against the Wolfpack...ever. With that, unfortunately we only have lowlights.


2003: The first ever meeting between the two schools. It was the 2002 season, so Ty’s first season. The Gator Bowl on New Years’ Day 2003. Picture little Matty G at 8 years old just amped to have made the drive from Michigan down to the game in Jacksonville with his dad. Oh how my spirits were crushed.

We got absolutely smoked 28-6. Phillip Rivers (yes, Phillip Rivers) just dominated our defense. Also, Carlyle Holiday got hurt early in the game, so we lost our starting quarterback. Bad, bad, bad. Thanks, Ty.

Pretty much sums up our performance that day at the 2003 Gator Bowl
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Side note: I still had a fun time on my first ever cross country road trip despite the game.

2016: We all remember this. We had to play in a literal hurricane (yes, Hurricane Matthew was happening as the game was going on). A really big thank you to the ACC and to the NCAA for not thinking of the players, fans, and programs in regard to their safety. It was truly special.

We lost on a blocked punt in a hurricane. We passed the ball too many times. I’m not going into more detail. It was a literal mess.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina State
I mean...what?
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Wait, I’m not ending this post without any highlights! It is only one highlight in this series, and it goes to Justin Yoon for kicking a good field goal in that hurricane, which I didn’t think would be possible. Justin, this is why we all love you. In that weird game, you gave us some hope. You can see that field goal here:

It’s time for some revenge. Go Irish. Beat Wolfpack.