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Notre Dame Football: One Thought One Take for NC State-Road to the Playoffs (sort of) Edition

How do you think the back half of the schedule will play out? Also, Is Nick Saban Voldemort?

Temple v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


Coming off of the massive High that was the slaughter this past weekend, most Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans are riding the absolute Optimism Wave. Like most people, I immediately pulled up the remaining schedule, our future opponents’ remaining schedules, as well as our past opponents’ schedules and realized.........SHIT. We could actually do this. Win out, and there is a high likelihood that we will be in the playoffs. Granted, there is a long, arduous (nice word) road ahead, but it is a real possibility now, starting with the Revenge Game (I keep calling it this due to last years frustrations) vs. the N.C. State Wolfpack this Saturday.

The internal debates and scenarios in my head got me wondering what the consensus is on how the Irish will finish the back half of the schedule, and where the rest of the fan base fits in. People range from WE ARE GOIN TO THE the tormented pessimists thinking this year could still end at the bottom of a dumpster fire. Personally, I am along the lines of finishing with 1 additional loss, mostly at the hands of Stanford. That game terrifies me for a number of reasons, but I want to open it up to fans to see where their heads are at....Please Vote and Comment as to When, Where, Why, and How you fit into this equation.

  1. We are going to the Natty and will Roll the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Understandable as we are coming off what many are calling the best win in the BK era. This does feel drastically different than the 2012 season where we were squeaking out wins vs. inferior opponents. However, I do not think our offense is dynamic enough to truly fall into the category of a team to compete with the likes of Alabama. Also on a personal note.... Saban=Voldemort. He would murder in order to split his soul further apart to get additional National Championships (seriously).

No Denying the Resemblance

2. We will win out and make the playoffs-but lose in the first round. (probably again because Saban split his soul further).

This is where most of the fanbase is leaning towards. Winning out is very much in the realm of possibility.....but the question will be how we stack up against the big guns like Alabama and Penn State. We get the taste of National Championship excitement....but fall short-still a massive massive turn around of a season.

Close, Yet so Far Away

3. We will have 1 loss and be in a New Years Bowl Game

This is the outcome that I am leaning the most towards. This would be a disappointment, but still an incredibly successful turn around season. We could still have a statement win against a team like TCU or Ohio State in a big time Bowl Game (still have flashbacks from bowl game pasts) to solidify a great season.

Let PRAY that one of the opponents players sisters is NOT dating anyone from our team. #neverforget

4. We lose 2 out of 3 between Miami, Stanford, and NC State

The pessimist in me is thinking this is a possibility...I think this could be a result of an injury or playing down to the level of the competition. In my gut I do NOT think the Miami Hurricanes will be one of these losses....on record or saying I think they are total frauds. However disappointing this would be, the Irish would still deem this a respectable season.

5. We lose the remaining games vs. Ranked teams-limping to the finish line

This would break my heart a little bit, and would be very difficult to rationalize this even as a turn around season, despite a winning record. The Kelly rumors would start to swirl again-even with the hot start to the year.

6. The season turns into a dumpster Fire.

We can’t stop the option vs. the Navy Midshipmen are barely find our way into the prestigious Beef O’ Brady’s bowl. The Season is deemed a failure and the world is calling for Brian Kelly’s head. (whoa that put me in a dark dark place-relax Phil).

Regardless of where you sit-please VOTE below and embrace debate in the Comments Section. GO IRISH


How Will the Remaining Schedule Play Out?

This poll is closed

  • 9%
    Notre Dame National Champs 2017
    (122 votes)
  • 30%
    Final 4 Appearance
    (398 votes)
  • 41%
    1 Loss-New Years Day Bowl Game
    (534 votes)
  • 15%
    Lose 2⁄3 to Miami, NC State, Stanford
    (206 votes)
  • 0%
    0/3 Vs. Remaining Ranked teams
    (5 votes)
  • 0%
    Pure Dumpster Fire- Beef O’Brady’s
    (10 votes)
  • 2%
    (27 votes)
1302 votes total Vote Now

Cold Take- More and More Kevin Stepherson, and in Turn- More EQ

The emergence of Kevin Stepherson’s role in the game plan will not only help the offense, but open up things for Equanimeous St. Brown as well. With no legitimate deep threats until 29 entered the picture, EQ has been mostly held in check, especially in the intermediate routes. With Stepherson as a deep threat, EQ will find more room in the crossing routes as well as the corner type routes-we will see his route running skills on display this week. People forget he is an All-American caliber WR....So here is a reminder...

Hot Take-The Offense will still put up 30+ points, despite the weather and despite the NC State Defense.

Maybe this is the optimist in me, but I am confident that our offense will not be slowing down. I think we will be able to neutralize Bradley Chubb, similarly to how we were able to hold Harold Landry from BC in check as well. The offense, though very diffierent from years past, dominantly runs, has been passing relatively efficiently, and has a QB who will take off whenever he is given the choice. Again.....GO IRISH.