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AP Poll Recap: Notre Dame Now a Top 10 Team

Number 9, Number 9

NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame
Pure jubilation over destroying USC
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


WHAT. A. GAME. Straight dominance by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to send the USC Trojans on a long and sad flight home to LA last night. Good riddance.

Now, after that performance, of course the Irish were going to move up in the rankings. Now, the Irish have cracked the Top 10, moving to Number 9. Our opponent next week, the very strong N.C. State Wolfpack, are number 14. The Irish will thus play back-to-back Top 15 games.

Rankings of Note:

The Georgia Bulldogs (again, the only loss the Irish have, and its the best loss in the country) are still at number 3. The Miami-Florida Hurricanes (we play them Nov. 11) are ranked just above us at number 8. The Michigan State Spartans sit at number 16, while the Stanford Cardinal (we play them November 25) are number 20. We helped knock the USC Trojans down to number 21.

So, the Irish have now beaten 3 teams currently ranked in the Top 25. We still have 3 opponents left that are currently ranked as well. The schedule is looking better and better as the season goes on.