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Weather Report for Saturday’s Notre Dame vs USC Football Game in South Bend

It’s going to be a nice night for jeans and a jacket with a little lining.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and USC Trojans will resume the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football under party cloudy skies, and amid 66 degree Fahrenheit temperatures at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana.

Twelve mile per hour winds will blow from the southeast, which will make the typical October weather in South Bend, Indiana feel just a bit chillier. The high of 74 degrees and low of 59 degrees are both twenty degrees higher than they were on Oct. 21, 2016. (The Irish were in the midst of fall break.)

You’re going to need a jacket with a warm lining if you plan to be tailgating when the lots open at 7 a.m. Saturday. The temperature will be 53 degrees. While the weather will warm up, the winds will blow harder — up to 18 miles per hour. So make sure you bring heavy items to weigh down tables, tents, flags and other accoutrements.

There is no rain predicted for the duration of the game, and the temperature will only drop about four degrees from the time you enter the stadium to the time you leave it.

Had this game been played in Los Angeles — where the Trojans are located — the kickoff would have been just slightly warmer (71 degrees) with calmer winds. People who live in the City of Angels should enjoy Saturday. The following day begins a three-day period of excessive heat, which is expected to climb into three digit temperatures.

Go Irish.

Beat Trojans.