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Notre Dame Football: OFD Mailbag - USC Week

Go Irish. Beat Trojans. Suck it Trojans. Go Irish Go.

Bobby Norell

It’s pretty interesting that Darnold’s odds are still as good as they are. He started the season as 9/2 odds according to Westgate Superbook, and has fallen all the way to 50/1. But still for a guy who has a 15/9 touchdown to interception ratio, 50/1 odds isn’t that bad. I just think he’s still in the race because he started the season already in the race.

As for Adams, I’m kind of in the minority of Irish fans when it comes to him and Heisman talk. While he’s been good and I mean really good, he needs to start playing full games. Darrin Pritchett talked about this on WSBT Weekday Sports Beat the other day. Adams needs to play full games and produce against top notch competition. So far he’s beat up on the little guys, and the one big time opponent they played he fell flat. But this can all change this weekend with a huge performance against the USC Trojans.

Honestly, I’d be perfectly okay with it not being a memorable game. I’d be very happy with a beat down and sending 12 of USC fans to the ER. That’s what I want...but I don’t know if I’ll get that.

Genius. As I’m waiting for my Southwest flight up to Chicago for the game this weekend, I can’t wait for the honey roasted peanuts they pass out during the flight.

We had a whole post about this before the Georgia game in September, which you can read right here. But my suggestion is that, even though it is a night game get there early as possible, so you can enjoy and experience the full day. Maybe grab some breakfast/brunch at one of the dining halls or somewhere on Eddy Street. But definitely walk around campus and see the sites. Do some tailgating. We’re close to basketball season, so drop into the Joyce Center and see if the men or women are practicing. Catch the band at step-off. Watch the players make the walk to the stadium. It should be a perfect fall day. Enjoy it!

Well first off, Kelly isn’t calling the plays. So if they start chucking the ball, that won’t be on him, that will be on Chip Long. Second, we’re six games into the season, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish know what their strengths and weaknesses are. The running game is a definite strength and I don’t see them abandoning it quickly. Lastly, USC’s run defense is pretty suspect so I don’t expect Georgia 2.0 here.

Yea I’ve seen this on Twitter this week and to me I think it’s nothing more than a grassroots movement that won’t get off the ground. I find it hard to believe that a twitter account with 46 followers is going to make an impact on the decisions of 77K+ people. The ND athletic department hasn’t promoted it one bit. I’d expect your typical mix-matched group of colors on Saturday night.

All right, that’s it for this week’s mailbag! If you’re making the trip to South Bend this weekend, enjoy it! It should be a perfect midwestern fall day. Personally after living the last month in the deep south, I CANNOT wait to be back home for this game. Thanks for everyone who sent their questions in. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter (@OneFootDown or @RENorell_III). Go Irish!