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What Else Can You Do On Gameday For Notre Dame vs USC?

It's not magic, it's MATH!

I only believe in science.

Are you heading to South Bend to see the #13 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat the ever-living crap out of the #11 ranked USC Trojans? Well, HELL YES YOU ARE! It's the BIGGEST game of the weekend despite ESPN claiming otherwise.

It's a prime time matchup, so the normal day of tailgating on the campus of Notre Dame is extended to an epic point. You may need some intellectual stimulation to help balance the enormous amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon you are about to ingest.

Thankfully, my brother-in-law is an associate professor at Notre Dame and has you covered.

At 1:00 PM in the Jordan Hall of Science, Jonathan Hauenstein will be featured in Notre Dame's ongoing program; Saturday Science Exploration Series, and present:

“The Secret of Staying in Sync: It’s not Magic. It’s Math,”

Be sure to check that out, and you can find a really good guide to the rest of gameday here: