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Three Things from Notre Dame’s Win Over Miami-Ohio

What did we learn from Notre Dame’s thrashing of Miami Ohio? Find out here.

Miami of Ohio v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

1. Notre Dame Finally Isn’t Playing Down To Their Opponents

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Outside the first half of the Boston College game, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (for once) have not played down to their competition this year — which is first in the Brian Kelly era. Too many times have we seen the Boston Colleges and Virginias of the world hang around with ND, but this season that hasn’t been the case. From the jump the Irish have put a beat down on Temple, Boston College, Michigan State and Miami Ohio. The one time they played a formidable opponent (Georgia), they arguably played up to their level. This whole culture change Brian Kelly brought in over the offseason, seems to be making a difference.

2. Once Again Brandon Wimbush’s Passing Game Leaves Us Skeptical

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After making an improvement a week ago against Michigan State, Wimbush seemed to take a step back against the Miami-Ohio Redhawks. He completed just seven (albeit three of them were for touchdowns) of 18 passes for just 119 yards. This game seemed like the perfect opportunity for Wimbush to work on some things, seeing Miami didn’t have the greatest defense in the world, but if anything it looks like Wimbush is heading back in the wrong direction. Notre Dame’s offense has been putting out great numbers this season, but it’s hard to think just how much better they would be if they had any type of a consistent passing attack.

3. Josh Adams Is An Animal And Needs To Be Recognized

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

If I told you Josh Adams so far has put up better number than Heisman favorite Saquon Barkley, would you believe me? Adams has totaled 658 yards on 73 carries (9.0 YPC), while Barkley has tallied just 574 yards on 86 carries (6.7 YPC). Barkley gets all the love, and deservedly so, he’s been a freak. But Adams deserves some recognition as well. It seems all he does is rip off 50, 60, 70 yard runs. In fact, he’s tied for the NCAA lead in 60+ yard rushes with Bryce Love of Stanford. I can’t remember Notre Dame ever having a big play back like that, at least in my lifetime. Before the season, Adams didn’t get much love from his own fan base. That seems to be changing now. He now just needs some national attention and he can get some with a big performance, say against USC in three weeks.