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Notre Dame Football: Totally Irrational Rational Reasons to LOATHE the USC Trojans

All of these are completely legitimate and unbiased

They actively CHOSE.....THIS GUY

Totally Irrational Rational Reason to Hate USC: A User Guide

So, the USC Trojans are coming to town this weekend...(I hope you know that) This has been quite the rivalry and there are many legitimate reasons to dislike everything that they stand for. Hating USC is considered a past time by many Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans as a result of many crushing defeats..which makes the hate EASY.....but I don’t want you to rest on easy, I am here to provide you with alternative avenues to fuel your hate.... to let it course through you......With that, I present to you....Philly’s Gs top 5 list of Totally Irrational rational reasons to hate the USC Trojans. Please vote, and add in your own reasons/stories/novels/eulogies as to why you LOATHE the Trojans, as I know 5 is not NEARLY expansive enough to cover all of the hate.

Let the hate flow through you....gooood
  1. Their Quarterback’s faces. - Just look at them.....All of them.
O come on this is too easy
Im soooo ticked at Steeewart right now bro
This guy??
And one more for good measure. Good Riddance!

2. The Southern California Youth - Taking a quick page out of Big Cat’s book here-The California youth are truly a terrifying breed. I lived in LA for 2 years teaching the Compton youth (great kids)-But the youth who are from Malibu, Santa Monica, OC, and so on are a different breed. They wear hip clothes, long board everywhere, and have language that is just difficult to follow.... “Suh Dude”... Intimidating AF...They will make fun of you, and say hurtful things. This is not speaking from any types of experiences I had trying to surf and having 12 year old kids make fun of me both behind my back and to my face....But hell if I couldn’t do a mean “pop up” on water. Do less.

Hot butt alert

3. The Fight Song and the Peace Sign they hold up - 2 Words here....NO THANKS

Fight on guys, right? LOL

4. Lane Kiffin- This honestly could be a reason why I loved USC for a very brief amount of time...and hear me out. This made hating USC almost so purely easy that it was fun. This brought me so much joy to see such a despicable, deceitful, and bad coach at the helm of my arch rival. He failed miserably, and I loved every second of it....But the fact that this institution thought it was a good idea to hire THIS GUY.......yes folks....THIS GUY

I am SO bad.

5. They stole my youth - To put it frankly, I will never get over the loss in 2005. It made me question just about everything in my life. How could such a team do that to me.....Its not that we lost, But that I thought we won. This was the first time I felt connected to a game, felt the grind, the ups, the downs, and for a brief moment-PURE ELATION. Only to be stolen from me. This was me before that game.....Somewhere deep inside me that youth still lives, but like a horcrux, my soul was ripped from my body that day. They stole the youth....from this innocent child...

One LOOK??!?!?!

6. Get in on the Fun and Comment and Add your own below

Spread the Hate

Vote below and Please add in your own reason to hate USC in the comments below. Go IRISH


Completely Rational reason to hate USC

This poll is closed

  • 21%
    Their QBs faces
    (63 votes)
  • 9%
    So Cal Youth
    (27 votes)
  • 30%
    Fight Song/Peace Signs
    (91 votes)
  • 12%
    Lane Kiffin
    (38 votes)
  • 16%
    Stealing your youth
    (50 votes)
  • 10%
    Other-Comment Below!
    (31 votes)
300 votes total Vote Now