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Notre Dame Football: OFD Mailbag - Bye Week

Let’s see what all you had on your mind during Notre Dame’s Bye Week.

No, we’re only six games into the season? It’s way too early to start thinking about playoffs for any program, unless you are Alabama. Notre Dame has yet to go through their toughest part of the schedule. Ask this after they play NC State and I might have a better answer. I will say this, it’s okay to be excited about what this team could do, but be cautious at the same time.

Pretty interesting and loaded question here. I’ve always been in the camp of not paying student-athletes. To me, there are so many factors that go with it. Such as, what about athletes that play athletic programs that don’t make money? How are you suppose to pay a football player and then nothing to say a softball or tennis player? Or smaller schools that just generate that much money through athletics? How do those programs survive and compete with other universities that have huge budgets? Somebody might have some answers to these questions, but I don’t.

While I don’t believe student-athletes shouldn’t get paid a salary. I do believe they should be able to make money from their likeness. Sign autographs, sell jerseys, bring back NCAA football.

I was always one of the few who was a huge Jimmy Clausen fan. I truly believe if Notre Dame had a semblance of a defense in 2009, Clausen would have been a Heisman contender. He had a great season that year. He threw for 3,722 yards, 29 touchdowns and only four interceptions. Notre Dame only won six games and thus Clausen didn’t really have a chance.

As for Tommy Rees, I appreciate him much more since he left Notre Dame. He didn’t have the tools like the big arm or the mobility, but he found a way to get the most of his ability and I can respect that. But for me I’ll take Clausen.

I’ll go with Quenton Nelson, Jerry Tillery, Drue Tranquill, and linebacker Jonathan Jones. Going with Nelson and Tillery because they can build the foundation being the big and strong guys they are. I was paging through the media guide and saw Tranquill is an engineering major and Jones is a design major. So those two can come up with the design and specs of the sandcastle.

All right folks, that is it for this week’s mailbag. It’s officially SC week, so get your questions in! Feel free to tweet at us or myself at @OneFootDown or @RENorell_III, or message us on Facebook! Go Irish!