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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: National Signing Day 2017 Headquarters

Your source for Notre Dame recruiting news and commentary all throughout National Signing Day.

Happy National Signing Day everyone! Tomorrow is a national holiday for all college football fans, and the sheer size of it all should tell you that this is a day that can make or break a program for years to come.

It’s an action-packed day across the country, and for fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, they will have 4 possible recruits announce on signing day. Two have designated times, while two others could announce at any moment- but most insiders believe it will be on Wednesday. Those recruits are:

While it is unlikely that all four commit and sign with the Irish, we will keep track of it all here at One Foot Down.

Speaking of which... This site will have you covered all day long and through the night with real time updates on incoming faxes, player profiles, analysis, and other fine things (a tentative time for live show on a Google Hangout is scheduled). We are all over it.

As many of you already know, National Signing Day can have a few surprises throughout the day, and we will do our best to keep you as informed as possible.

This post will serve as a live thread for any that want to comment, complain, praise, or emote about the day- but please keep it civil. We also ask that you refrain from trying to contact any recruit throughout the day (and well... ever). Let the coaches recruit and try to stop yourself from being a stranger in a high school kids mentions column (it’s the adult thing to do).

Notre Dame currently has the #12 recruiting class in the country and is sitting on 18 commits (and a few preferred walk-ons). You can follow THIS LINK HERE to look at Notre Dame’s scholarship chart for 2017, and to see how this whole thing fits together. Have fun and keep checking back for updates.