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OFD Podcast: Parting Shots at Brian Kelly and the 2016 Notre Dame Football Season

Spoiler: We’re still pissed

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Army Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The National Title Game has finished and the 2016 football season is officially over. We finish the bottle of bourbon during this last podcast, and air our final grievances. Notre Dame has made several staff changes, and we do our best to be optimistic for 2017 but the reality is we’re still pissed. Pissed at Brian Kelly. Pissed at Jack Swarbrick. Pissed at the mediocrity that is Notre Dame Football.

Of course we’ll do what we always do, and come back in the fall with a fresh attitude and unwarranted optimism. However, for now we have to get our parting shots in.

Please enjoy responsibly, as this production is rife with profanity. In other words... “business as usual.”