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God Quad, ND flag

It’s week 2, folks. Nevada week. And while Notre Dame’s hopes of a perfect season were short lived, everyone’s a winner on Twitter. You can blame the week 1 loss on the defense, on Kelly’s mismanagement of his quarterbacks, etc. but you can’t blame it on a lack of Twitter enthusiasm. Our notifications have been blowing up this week, so I’m here to bring you the top 5 tweets directed at OFD since game 1.


This is an interesting thought, and although I wouldn’t necessarily put it past the coaching staff to “mislead” Malik, I truly think that Kelly really did plan on using both QB’s close to equally even after Texas. Had Malik stepped up, I think we’d see him a lot against Nevada. But it was so clear to everyone that Kizer deserved the job, that Malik really can’t blame a lack of playing time moving forward on anyone but himself.


I think my man Kev Moe is right. This team is not your father’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The days of hard nosed, low scoring battles seem to be long gone. And if our secondary doesn’t step it up, it looks like we’ll be in for a whole lot of shootouts this year. Let’s just hope that Kizer has better aim than the other guy.


“The same way we watched.” So...drunk? Now I’m picturing a drunk Kelly in the film room alone having this revelation like “Oh my gosh, it all makes sense now.” I find this tweet amusing, mostly because it insinuates that fans at home watch the games with a better eye than the coaching staff. Of all schools, I’d argue that Notre Dame’s fan base has the most Monday morning quarterbacks. I admit that I don’t agree with Kelly leaving Malik in there as long as he did, especially because Kizer was having success on his first half drives, but wasn’t able to get in a rhythm because he wasn’t under center every time the offense was on the field. That said, I find it funny how much expertise is flowing from every couch in America on game day.


So when a defender’s helmet goes directly into a defenseless receiver’s helmet, what is that considered? It seemed closer than “close” to helmet to helmet, considering that the two helmets literally collided. Other than that though...

Always good getting a shout out from the big guys at SB Nation. Seeing the reactions to just one play from Sunday night show you just how much of an emotional roller coaster the game was . I have faith in Fighting Irish fans to bring the same intensity to Notre Dame Stadium this Saturday.