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Notre Dame Haiku: Set Yourself Free

Of course there is a way to get over a loss and avoid a trap... HAIKU Y’ALL!

For the love of the creator, there seems to be nothing worse than losing the season opener. Well, at least this one wasn’t at home during some wicked storms and caused the grueling hours upon hours of seeing the dream die.

Anyways... One of the best ways to get over a loss in your life is through art. Whether that be music, poetry, or painting your naked body with chocolate syrup and hurling yourself against the wall of your county courthouse- it doesn’t matter. You need to nurture your soul with constructive expression.

Here is your last chance to shed the sins of Sunday and move towards Saturday with redemption in your heart.

That’s some deep shit. Go ahead and haiku it. The season is in your hands.

Will Fuller is gone.
Irish need more playmakers.

It is obvious.
Two quarterbacks are now one.
Kizer for Heisman.

Irish need more change.
Trade cabbage for tortilla.
Tackle, wrap and roll.