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Max Redfield Issues Statement

Former Notre Dame safety, Max Redfield issues a statement on Instagram.

Notre Dame v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Former Notre Dame safety, Max Redfield, took to Instagram to issue his first statement about the the events that subsequently lead to his dismissal from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program.

While he doesn’t mention any specifics related to the actual arrest, he seems to take full responsibility as he agonizes over the consequences.

No desire or want is ever worth possibly sacrificing the incredible opportunities at Notre Dame on and off the field, in and outside the classroom.

I'm confident in the dealing with my proceedings at the university as well as the legal issues I have brought upon myself and cannot wait to pursue relentlessly what the future hold for me, because that's the type of person I am...

The NFL is still a very real option for the former five star recruit from California, but any dreams of being anything other than at the very best, a mid-round pick would be far-fetched. All it takes is a chance, and the actual “doing” part. That part not only includes his play on the field, but everything that happens OFF the field as well.

Good luck Max.