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Staff Picks: Notre Dame VS Syracuse

Notre Dame looks to avoid the worst start of the Brian Kelly era.

NCAA Football: Duke at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The season is one quarter of the way over and bot the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the entire staff here at One Foot Down are struggling. I, of course, playing the role of Brian Kelly feel that the staff needs to step up their game and pick with far more passion than what they have been doing these past few weeks. DO A BETTER JOB STAFF [whistle as I glance at my own record and walk briskly].

This week has a nice mix of games throughout the country and some very serious business within the top 25.

  • Michigan vs Wisconsin
  • Clemson vs Louisville
  • Washington vs Stanford

What’s even better is that the Cardinal / Husky matchup is on Friday night so we get a nice spread of the action. And as I’ve said before, this is a fantastic week for Notre Dame to get a noon game.

Everything that the season can be this year hinges on the result of this game against Syracuse. Do the Irish pack it in, or do they ball out? Even if Notre Dame wins, the answer to that question is still very much in doubt.

Puppet Notre Dame VS Syracuse Clemson VS Louisville Stanford VS Washington YTD
Joshua Vowles ND Clemson Washington 5-7
Pat Sullivan ND Louisville Stanford 2-10
Wes Sweigert ND Louisville Stanford 7-5
Martin Sweigert ND Clemson Washington 4-8
Bobby Norell ND Clemson Stanford 5-7
Brad Wechter ND Louisville Washington 4-8
Phil Mosey ND Louisville Stanford 6-6
Steve Herring ND Clemson Stanford 7-5