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NCAA Football: Duke at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s not sugarcoat anything, last Saturday sucked. This week the Irish look to bounce back against yet another ACC basketball school, pun totally intended. Let’s check out OFD’s Twitter feed from the past week, shall we?


Not sure if Les is the right fit, considering Notre Dame Stadium’s playing surface is turf, and he prefers to eat grass.


All thoughts and prayers are welcomed for this Notre Dame squad. Hell, we’d even take a rain dance.


Herman wearing a golden grill under the Golden Dome? Wouldn’t suck.


I don’t know about street drugs, but I’ve seen mean cases of South Dining Hall froyo addiction take hold of the best of them.

Well, it looks like if worst comes to worst we’ll always have the Belk Bowl! Maybe next year, College Football Playoff.