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Nyles Morgan tackled the quarterback and it was totally legal!

Notre Dame is the last FBS team to sack the opposing team’s quarterback this year

NCAA Football: Duke at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Just incredible. It turns out that it’s not illegal and - get this - it’s actually beneficial for the defense to tackle the quarterback on pass plays before he throws the ball. I mean, just watch this:

Duke had to punt after that play. That’s like, two or three stops in a row. Has Brian Van Gorder saved his job? Was it ever really in question in the first place? This revelation should change the focus and game plan for the Notre Dame defense moving forward both in this game, and for the rest of the season.

On a serious note, though, it is great to see Nyles Morgan get the sack. He’s been a bright spot on the defense thus far. We’re seeing the athletic freakishness he possesses; he’s fast and he hits hard. We’ll see if the Notre Dame defense can build on the momentum Morgan helped foster.