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Dexter Williams enters the game. Dexter Williams scores a touchdown.

Pretty good. Pretty dang good, Dexter.

NCAA Football: Duke at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Whoa buddy, we are in a dog fight with the Dook Blue Devils and Bonzie Colson isn’t walking through that tunnel. Well, he might, but he won’t have pads on and is really just good at basketball, not football. Dexter Williams did walk through the tunnel today, though, and then Dexter Williams found the end zone on his first carry. Check it out:

What a strong run to tie up the game. The Notre Dame defense catches a lot of crap for their poor performances, but often they don’t get a lot of help from the offense when it comes to sustaining drives. An inability to run the ball effectively is partly at fault for that. Enter Dexter Williams, who could help out when guys like Josh Adams and Tarean Folston are only averaging two or so yards per carry.

It would help if the defense could make a tackle, though. There’s no doubting that. The Irish just gave up another touchdown to the Blue Devils, finding themselves down 28-21. Good times in South Bend!