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Notre Dame VS Duke 2016: Start Time, TV Schedule, How To Watch, And Game Thread

Notre Dame and Duke will both be trying to avoid starting the season at 1-3.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

This season has not gone to plan for both the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Duke Blue Devils. For the Irish, there were hopes of still being undefeated at this point with a playoff chance still very much in front of them. That isn't the case anymore.

Notre Dame has run into more than just bad luck, they have run into themselves. While last season can partially be defined by injuries, this year it's just one mistake after another on the field. Poor tackling, and poor fundamentals are the biggest reason why the Irish are 1-2. That's a hard pill to swallow for fans, but it's the truth... Notre Dame has been sloppy.

Every week is a new chance to change the narrative, and Notre Dame looks to do that this week. A big win won't "wow" anyone, but it will be a step in the right direction. Also... a sack or two would be nice.

When is the game and how can I watch?

Game date/time: September 24, 2016 / 3:30


Radio: Local Radio Broadcasts

Online: NBC Sports Live

Join the conversation!

The game thread is below. Check in all morning and early afternoon with your thoughts around the country. Come back and join some live chat for Notre Dame vs Duke. Obvious rules are obvious, and try to maintain some level of decorum. Have fun, and GO IRISH!