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Notre Dame Haiku: We So Fancy

Pinky finger out y’all! Duke is coing to town.

The Duke Blue Devils are invading South Bend, Indiana to meet the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on the pitch. Maybe I have it all twisted here, but just thinking about Notre Dame and Duke has visions of women wearing white gloves and men wearing a top hat and a monocle.

The reality is that we are prepping for a game at home and currently Notre Dame is a better than 20 point favorite. What can go wrong?

Now it’s really Fall
D leaves its mess behind
Daelin Hayes, two sacks

Josh Adams explodes
DeShone Kizer shows the way
Hello Nic Weishar

Duke and Notre Dame
Lacrosse bros playing football
Durham Smythe, respect

Please go ahead and play along in the comment section below. If you need some inspiration, you can use any of the following “ideas” in yours:

  • basketball
  • lacrosse
  • wine and cheese nights
  • southern bros
  • northern bros going to school down south
  • #goacc

Whatever. Have fun, and I look forward to this each week- SO SPIT IT OUT!